Datehookup complaints

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I doubt he's sorry for any of this because it seems he doesn't care what he does to a woman physically or emotionally, and probably isn't sorry for any of this. With what I know he meant to her? Telling her to say good night because she was done, I wonder if that was what he said to the person before he strangled them? I told her that she could sue him because of the things he told her and she said she told him that as well, and all he did was say he thought she was using his legal problems to get his attention and that she was sick and needed help and to say goodnight because she was done. My friend being upset had absolutely nothing to do with being jealous, playing games, or having a tantrum while he was dealing with his legal stuff because he was writing to other people, my friend said, when she said she told him over and over that she wanted to wait for him, stand by him and support him through them.

Datehookup complaints

He also said he didn't play games and that he was glad she showed him this crazy jealous side to her and she ruined this and was never going to speak to her again because of it. He expects people to give him a second chance, why couldn't her give my friend one? He is never at fault for anything, but after everything he did and the Halloween costume, he is telling me friend she is sick and needs help? It seems he does not do anything wrong or take blame for anything. You can sign up at DateHookup endless times and will be redirected to a random partner site with each registration. She said he never once said he was going to keep writing to other people. Does he ever say I can't believe I did that? But he just ignored her and wouldn't read her emails, or try to make up with her and just kept using his profile like he was doing it on purpose, when she was the one he was telling all that stuff to. He made the ex he was violent against sound like it was her fault too and made her sound like a bad person in his emails. She did have the right to try to sue him for breaching his promises. She thought she was giving him what he wanted from a woman? He made it sound like she was doing mean things to him or treated her like she was the criminal, when all she did is give him what she thought he wanted from a woman and be there for him, stand by him support him, care about him, faithful to him, and he probably didn't deserve someone as good as that who would do that , and that was what she got for it? You cross him once and that's it. Someone who is on probation, a convicted criminal, then gets in trouble with a DUI and for violating it all of which is his own fault, is telling someone else who has never did anything like he did are sick and need help? He should have cared about how my friend felt and what she thought if he meant any of the things he told her or really liked her. In November, he hadn't emailed her for awhile after a nice email she said she sent him, and because of that and some things he had said in his last email to her, she thought he was trying to push her away. I know my friend is sorry she tried to apologize and why should she have. A woman always has to be on his side and can't be against him. The site is not transparent about what happens after you sign up, and even goes as far as to mimic the look and feel of a regular dating site homepage. She knew nothing about my friend, and what he was telling her, and my friend knew nothing about her. My friend said she was counting on the things that he told her, and felt he shouldn't keep wanting to meet other women after the things he was telling her because it was like he didn't mean them, care about how she felt, and it wasn't fair to her. He can't see anyone else's side but his own. Like his thinking she was jealous or having a tantrum, and that was it. If that's not paying games I don't know what is. It's being said because it's the truth.

Datehookup complaints

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