Confronting a cheating wife

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If both spouses are willing, then you can start by being open about feelings. Whatever you do, do not let your partner stall for time. Unfortunately, that's just what many victims of adultery do. Let the wheels turn in their head a little. You might have found evidence that they were cheating on you with one person, but actually there may have been a few, so leave it up to them to mention the names. E-mail passwords could be changed. Do not walk up to the person and start hurling insults although it may be very tempting.

Confronting a cheating wife

Bills will be redirected. Do not indulge in self destructive behavior. She was clearly at his house. Once you have the proof, you can confront them, but of course the question is how do you even approach something like this? And a divorce lawyer is the exact person you should see before you confront your adulterous partner! First and the most important rule is to stay calm. Be careful here, though. You should probably be able to get by with a consultation visit. Unfortunately, that's just what many victims of adultery do. You could be dominating, possessive, unintelligent, fat, balding, unsuccessful, etc. If divorce is the only option you may decide this after talking to your spouse, or you might have decided it already , going to a lawyer before you talk to your spouse may well leave you with an advantage in court - before you ever even go to court! You might feel angry. You'll also better understand the legalities of your situation. Maintain your dignity and do not get into a blame game. The first time you ever talk about it will be the most difficult part. Let them talk if they have to. If you notice something obvious—or a mutual friend tells you that they saw your significant other fooling around—then the temptation to look for evidence may be overwhelming. Your spouse will also be less likely to pull anything too crazy on you, once he or she understands that you mean business and know how to take care of that business as well. Instead of owning up to their mistake or giving you an explanation, they might act offended and ask you what you were doing spying on them. If you rant and rave, the natural reaction of your partner will also be to do the same. Always keep the children out of the whole mess. Do not take on the role of the healer. So, understand that you can take your time before making your first move and gather all information that you need before this. You are likely to feel a rush of emotions. This doesn't mean you have to slap down a divorce lawyer's full court fee.

Confronting a cheating wife

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  1. You'll be a lot more likely to avoid what could be a long, drawn-out court battle if you consult a lawyer before you spring your knowledge on your spouse. If you lose it at this point, you will never be able to turn back the time and do it right.

  2. You might feel like you can never trust someone again. They might deny the whole affair, make themselves scarce for a few days, or go and get a divorce lawyer.

  3. If you have children, the complications are compounded. Unless they have a stupendously good explanation, break up with them right there.

  4. Always keep the children out of the whole mess. There could be some other explanation, so you might allow your boyfriend to explain himself.

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