Cadillac jeepers

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Well, fear not, because just as the Bible tells us that God sees all men equal, the Cadillac Jeepers see all four-wheel drives equal. His words did not fall on deaf ears as The Flock wholeheartedly heeded his advice. Later in the evening, there were awards and a raffle before the weary crowd headed home. If you feel called to be blessed, or you feel your rig needs to be blessed, contact the Cadillac Jeepers, E. Christian Music at the main stage. Rachel Bowes is a copywriter with 4WD.

Cadillac jeepers

We also contributed to the North American Snow Festival purchasing savings bonds for the children that participated in the Kids Pageant. It is only recently that four-wheel-drive blessings have begun to spring up. They need all of the power they can muster to get up the incline on the loose sand and gravel terrain, even with the large, specialty tires they use. So what should you expect at the Cadillac Jeepers Jeep Blessing? The name is a witty play on the French race 24 Hours of Le Mans, a prestigious endurance race where competitors must push their vehicles to the max for 24 straight hours without any mechanical failures. You don't drive a Jeep? Organized blessings have taken place from coast to coast through the years, and the blessed have included every type of wheeled vehicle, from lowriders to choppers. The Shepherd also challenged The Flock to avoid unacceptable and potentially sinful behavior such as an overabundance of wheelspin on muddy trails. I will post any changes. This was after U. Naturally, the Cadillac Jeepers felt that the next order of business was to put the blessing to the test. Here are four of them: If you feel called to be blessed, or you feel your rig needs to be blessed, contact the Cadillac Jeepers, E. There are a few, however, that top the list with events so bizarre they simply must be experienced. Picture the clunker you drove in college, or the one your friend drove you around in. There was a pdf map up last year and we will have one soon. Guinness World Records attempt for the longest Parade of Jeeps. A blessing is what everyone came for, and a blessing is what they received late in the morning of the one-day event when Boon Baptist Church Senior Pastor Clif Burritt ascended, Bible in hand, into the bed of a Dodge Dakota and called for God's blessing on the more than souls gathered in front of hundreds of trail-ready four-wheel drives. The reward for the top finishers was prizes from a number of generous sponsors. According to the English translation of their website, the vehicles which compete can have as much as 1, horsepower. Bring your vehicle number and your drivers licence and be ready to fill out the registration form witnessed by a notary. Check out all the jeeps and take a look at the Master Drivers course. Christian Music at the main stage. The competition breaks down into three rounds, which determine a winner using a point system. We are planning so far to have venders below. Some of these events are serious business, while others are tongue-in-cheek. Now imagine driving it for hours straight with a full bladder, therefore going as fast as you can.

Cadillac jeepers

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  1. There will be Vendors from offroad and jeeping companies. Check out all the jeeps and take a look at the Master Drivers course.

  2. Over 1, people gather in Mesick for the event, to celebrate the coming of spring and prepare for the Jeep season. Registration and Tees will be up top.

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