Best sinatra love songs

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Some films Night and Day has been heard in: Say it with me now: Sitting back with a glass of wine in your hand or replace wine with whatever you fancy and listening to this is just The strings in this song are just wonderful. And now that I have my husband, I've got my someone to watch over me. I LOVE that cartoon!

Best sinatra love songs

It was really hard just doing thirteen! And I mean big and blue. Along with Frank's voice. It doesn't even really matter if it's a certain album or not, Frank Sinatra is all gold to me. God graced me with some big blue peepers, folks. It's a really easy song to slow dance to, even when your partner is not a good dancer. Little trivia, from Wikipedia: The late, great Frank Sinatra. One of my best features is my big blue eyes. I've loved this song ever since I was little. In , twenty-three year old Frank Sinatra was arrested. The easy, slow jazz is also good to relax and unwind to. I miss that man. My husband claims I had some sort of spell or witch craft on him. The man is a legend. I can listen to him croon for hours and hours. Say it with me now: It is originally from the musical, Oh, Kay! The strings in this song are just wonderful. Little trivia, via Wikipedia: The only one that was posted didn't want to work. Some films Night and Day has been heard in: It's a simple song, really, but I love it. There are just days where all I want to do it tell my husband that I love him but I can't get the words out right. This is another simple song but I love it. Fools rush into love sometimes. When George Gershwin first wrote the song, he approached it with an uptempo jazz tune but his brother, Ira, suggested it would work better as a ballad.

Best sinatra love songs

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  1. I miss that man. When I looked up facts for the song, Wikipedia also said that the lyrics "explained why the singer put up with a domineering partner.

  2. It even makes hens faint. I love this song because, like it says, night and day my husband is the only one for me.

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