Baja corridos

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Past events are transformed into present consciousness through the corrido despite changes in society. Musicians also embody the physical and spiritual dimensions of cultural survival. Such voices also reconfigure the spaces inhabited by Mexicans in the United States or in Mexico, in rural areas or in cities. The corrido is also perceived as an expression that is always present in moments of transformation and crisis at the individual and collective level. I am Mexican and lived for the first 18 years of my life in various parts of Mexico, particularly Cd.

Baja corridos

The corridos about the migrant experience of Mexican often portray the debate and conflicting gains and losses of migrating. Under this topic the characters that may be involved in the corrido are: We learn in the corrido that Cortez traded a mare to a European American and was falsely accused of horse stealing. The research in cultural studies, postcolonial theory, Chicano studies and ethnomusicology provided the framework through which important identity construction processes were analyzed in part of the Mexican diaspora in the US. Interviews with radio executives were conducted in their workplace, and interviews with two musicians and composers from New Mexico were carried out at their homes. Corridos represent symbolic expression and a barometer of the Mexican Americans' response to the economic exploitation, racial and cultural discrimination and inter-ethnic conflict Herrera-Sobek, Migrants often expressed the similiarity of their own experiences with those portrayed in the corridos. Corridos about immigration gives account of the complexity of the migration experience which is never unilateral, smooth, continuous but rather contradictory, ambiguous, and always changing. The epic dimension of the corrido is particularly meaningful to people who listen to, and dance, corridos. The total number of participants in the focus groups was One major role of the corrido is to offer social, political and economic analysis of the context of the narrated event of the corrido. In the latter representation of the border, there is an implicit response to the European American questioning of the legitimacy of Mexican presence in the U. Epic corridos might be popular because the community values and folklore is normally packaged or put into a one-man normally male narrative. Folk songs Herrera-Sobek, The corrido is also perceived as an expression that is always present in moments of transformation and crisis at the individual and collective level. The large number of corridos that describe the immigrant experience provides a unique opportunity to analyze the Mexican diaspora phenomenon. In particular this study attempted to explore the shared aesthetics, social roles, values and construction of cultural narratives that are embodied in corridos about migration. The corrido is more comparable to a newspaper editorial that expreses an opinion of an event than just a news item. Dancers are also an important part of the dynamics of the musical production and performance that in some senses reflect the social norms and in others push the boundaries of such norms. In this sense, the epic element of the corrido, is complemented by its lyric element. Although the present researcher tried to conduct the interviews in a manner that was as pleasant and considerate as possible to participants, the questions were externally imposed on them. Currently, the topics related to Mexican and Mexican descendants shown in U. The corridors are perceived as narrative that privileges the social and moral values of the community and which therefore, has the capacity to transcend time and space because the moral of the corridor is timeless and applies to all kind of people willing to listen to lessons of everyday life. In corridos is a topic a fear and anxiety corridos tend to be critical of those who deny their Mexican roots or do not feel attachment to Mexico ; and 7 death which can be part of the drama of corridos about immigration, particularly when crossing the U. Immigrants reaffirm their ethnic identity on the basis of their homeland culture and life experiences, not only through ethnic practices, such as certain celebrations, food, religious beliefs, but also through memories of their lived experiences in their country. Once they are ready to perform certain dances, the young people from the community will be the owners of the choreographic secret received by the eldest and those youngsters in turn will transmit it to the new generations. Afterwards, I experienced a sojourner life mainly in Europe and the United States.

Baja corridos

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  1. South Americans and Caribbeans are experiencing the same problems we Mexicans have in the United States, but they are experiencing them in other parts of the world like Spain, France, Germany, Italy and other parts of Europe.

  2. I built trust, assuring participants that their words and ideas were going to be treated in the most delicate way possible, and that their representation was going to be as accurately conveyed as possible. During the course of the present study, the present researcher was continuously crossing from being an insider, to being an outsider, in the communities of study in the present exploration of the meanings of corridos and their performances.

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