Ask more frank sesno

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Sesno is a former CNN anchorman and his leftist political views bleed through this book, which is especially funny on climate change since he has a chapter on asking scientific questions and explains that science is all about doubt except for climate change, where it seems to be about consensus. I especially enjoyed the section on listening as it included some great questions to ask yourself to uncover what type of listener you are. These search for shared purpose and a common goal, inviting others to join into a conversation. Too often, we act from untested instinct. I thought the last chapter, a summary of the types of questions to ask for different situations, was a great reference tool as you work to incorporate this new skill into your daily life.

Ask more frank sesno

Unfortunately, asking questions is never taught in school and most of us don't understand how to effectively use them. But he believes questions are for more than journalists. If you had a magic wand here, what would you do with it? Anyway, an interesting read. These are the questions we associate with the 60 Minutes TV show, in your face and accusatory. What are we not seeing? I thought the last chapter, a summary of the types of questions to ask for different situations, was a great reference tool as you work to incorporate this new skill into your daily life. We learn, connect, observe and invent through the questions we ask," he writes in his book, Ask More. What if you could turn your search for answers into a science? Behavior changes are very hard; fortunately there are many great books on this topic! That makes these the ground floor of inquiry, the foundation on which other questions are built. The author, Frank Sesno shares his vast and deep knowledge based on his experiences as a journalist, talk show host and professor. What's one story you would like me to tell my grandchildren about you? These questions encourage originality and risk-taking, asking people to consider new ideas. They invite the other person to daydream - to move beyond the possible. You're not building bridges or looking for trust. Get the big picture, recognize the challenge ahead, and then define your plan and what success would be. The book outlines a broad array of opportunities to hone your question asking skills from the obvious such as interviewing or being interviewed to solving challenging problems to unleashing creativity in yourself and others or hosting an engaging dinner party. What was missing was how to overcome your current listening challenges. This involves disciplined inquiry to move beyond a world of instant answers into the scientific approach of data, experimentation, and observable fact. I never thought of it that way before. These probe feelings, seeking deeper, more emotional answers for what makes people tick. My big beef is that the book promises it is teaching how to use questions, when really, it just proposed a lot of ideas. I have a post-note with this acronym on my laptop as a constant reminder. I find myself thinking about it a lot after finishing, but was disappoi I love the idea what we can use questions strategically. The book covers a lot of territory, not just through the 11 categories but also in his interviews, ruminations, and scattered sample questions.

Ask more frank sesno

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