Asian intercourse

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Explanatory variables that had a p value less than. The dearth of data on Asian American adolescents has made it difficult to meet their needs. The scores for education and occupation were summed; for respondents reporting information on two parents, the higher score was used possible range, 2—11; alpha, 0. More specifically, we expect that when compared with young women who are less acculturated, young women who are highly acculturated will have higher odds of having had sexual intercourse. Age was measured in years. For the men, there is no evidence of association between acculturation and sexual experience.

Asian intercourse

Prentice Hall, , pp. Those who reported one or more days in the last 12 months on which they drank five or more drinks in a row were coded as binge drinkers. Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health, , 38 1: Since low parental attachment was associated with greater likelihood of young women's sexual intercourse, interventions that improve parent-adolescent communication, parental involvement and support are urgently needed. Medium and high levels of parental attachment were associated with decreased odds of sexual experience for young women 0. Studies that have found significant parental influence on young women also have noted that young men are more strongly influenced by their peers than by their parents. The question "Have you ever had sexual intercourse? Fourth, the sample sizes for most ethnic groups were not large enough to allow for comparisons among them. Chi-square testing was performed to assess differences between females and males in rates of sexual intercourse. Grunbaum JA et al. Okazaki S, , op. Phinney JS, Ethnic identity in adolescents and adults: First, Asian cultures convey different expectations about independence and sexual activity for young men and young women. As indicated in our multivariate model for women, parental attachment was associated with decreased odds of sexual experience for young women. Limitations These findings should be considered in light of the limitations of this data set. The association of school attachment with sexual intercourse among young women may be a further indicator of the importance of sociocultural experiences. Medium and high levels of parental attachment were associated with decreased odds of sexual experience for young women 0. For the women, those who spoke English at home and were either U. Brooks TL et al. By contrast, a national longitudinal study by Grunbaum et al. Also, a greater proportion of women than of men reported that their views differed from those of their parents. Future research on ethnic and acculturation effects on sexuality should incorporate a richer measure of acculturation, including measures of exposure to Asian and American cultures, specific languages used at home, motivation for acculturation and attitudes about acculturation. Ventura SJ et al. Drawing from the literature, we hypothesize that factors associated with sexual experience will differ by gender. Chan CS, Asian-American adolescents:

Asian intercourse

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