Arts of seduction

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By slowly isolating your victims, you make them more vulnerable to your influence. In a world of disenchantment and baseness, there is limitless seductive power in following the path of the Ideal Lover. The only way to lead the seduced along and keep the upper hand is to create suspense, a calculated surprise. To heighten the erotic charge, create the excitement of fear. Learn to become an object of fascination by projecting the glittering but elusive presence of the Star. Disarm Through Strategic Weakness and Vulnerability Too much manuevering on your part may raise suspicion. Stimulate a curiosity stronger than the doubts and anxieties that go with it, and they will follow you. Soon they will want to possess you physically, and restraint will go out the window.

Arts of seduction

They learn to heighten their charisma with a piercing gaze, fiery oratory, an air of mystery. People yearn to explore their dark side. The Star Daily life is harsh, and most of us constantly seek escape from it in fantasies and dreams. In the presence of a Charmer you feel better about yourself. The seduction should begin at an angle, indirectly, so that the target only gradually becomes aware of you. The key is to keep it vague. Physical weakness — tears, bashfulness, paleness — will help create the effect. The best way to cover your tracks is to make the other person feel superior and stronger. Send Mixed Signals Once people are aware of your presence, and perhaps vaguely intrigued, you need to stir their interest before it settles on someone else. It will become a point of vanity for them to be the preferred object of your attention, to win you away from a crowd of admirers. The Ideal Lover Most people have dreams in their youth that get shattered or worn down with age. Aim at secret wishes that have been thwarted or repressed, stirring up uncontrollable emotions, clouding their powers of reason. You need to wake them up, turn the tables. Use Spiritual Lures Everyone has doubts and insecurities — about their body, their self-worth, their sexuality. Stir within them feelings of discontent, an unhappiness with their circumstances and with themselves. Take them away from their normal milieu, friends, family, home. As the serpent tempted Eve with the promise of forbidden knowledge, you must awaken a desire in your targets that they cannot control. Dandies excite us because they cannot be categorized, and hint at a freedom we want for ourselves. One person must go on the offensive, and it is you. Intrigue your targets by alternating an exciting presence with a cool distance, exuberant moments followed by calculated absences. This is the time to throw aside chivalry, kindness and coquetry and to overwhelm with a bold move. Coquettes are the grand masters of the game, orchestrating a back-and-forth movement between hope and frustration. They bait with the promise of reward — the hope of physical pleasure, happiness, fame by association, power — all of which, however, proves elusive; yet this only makes their targets pursue them the more. One well-timed action that shows how far you are willing to go to win them over will dispel their doubts. The slightest feeling of relief that you are not there, and it is all over. Master the Art of the Bold Move A moment has arrived:

Arts of seduction

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  1. I don't have the heart to use people though, and then dump them like a cold-blooded brute; that would be too sinister.

  2. Send Mixed Signals Once people are aware of your presence, and perhaps vaguely intrigued, you need to stir their interest before it settles on someone else.

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