Art of manliness ironing

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Steam helps a lot. Prevent this by smoothing out the lining. You want something that is solid, smooth, and clean if buying used. These require the medium heat settings to degrees. The bottom of the pockets on the inside of the trousers is a good place to stop, or if you have pleated trousers you can just press the crease right up to the bottom of the side pleats. Time for the sleeves.

Art of manliness ironing

Next check the label, and ensure the iron is set for that type of fabric. Drinking water is perfect for most irons. This lets you know if the shirt can be ironed in the first place. Flip shirt over and repeat on outside of collar. Look inside the cuff and find the two seams. If you can see the crease on the top of the sleeve from previous ironing, match it again so that you have a single crease line. Sure, some say that steaming a shirt produces acceptable results-but nothing beats the crisp pressing that only a hot iron can provide. Another method that works well is to iron a damp dress shirt. Press these areas and then move up to the waistband. Now work on the back of the dress shirt. Most commercial starches are corn derivatives which help keep your dress shirts sharp and wrinkle free. A well built soleplate — To play on words, this is the soul of the iron. Once again iron from the points to the center. If an unexpected interview or date comes up, a man knows how to get ready and out the door looking like a million bucks. With the inseams in the center, the edges of the trouser leg are where you want to press the crease. I start with 2 seconds, then modify the time depending on the fabric thickness and reaction to pressing. Lightweight, small, easy to carry and dependable are the keys to a good travel iron. Another method which works well is to run a damp cloth over a cool iron to remove any residue. Using your hands spread the material out, then use the iron. Thus expensive irons made from lightweight space-age materials are not necessarily better because they cost more—they simply are being made for a different customer. The bottom of the pockets on the inside of the trousers is a good place to stop, or if you have pleated trousers you can just press the crease right up to the bottom of the side pleats. Iron the Waistband and Top Part of the Trouser Turn front pockets out and then press the iron on the top of the leg. Afterward, transition to the shoulders. You need to let the iron cool and make sure it is set correctly when ironing trousers after doing shirts which are normally made from cotton and thus need a higher temperature setting. Starch residue can also build up on your iron, requiring more frequent cleaning. The waist can hang off a bit if the board is short. To use starch, understand it is best used in moderation and with a temperature setting of 6 or below the highest setting can cause flaking.

Art of manliness ironing

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