Am i in abusive relationship

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They may be telling you: Are you getting mixed signals from your partner or the narcissist in your life? Do you trust them? Domestic violence is once again in the forefront of the news. The answers to the following questions may help you:

Am i in abusive relationship

Or they might say: Are you still confused if you are or not? Do you share good news and your successes — a promotion at work, for example? All the warning signs were there. Yes No Has your partner ever tried to prevent you from taking necessary medication, or seeking medical help when you felt you needed it? Or whatever they throw at you from out of the blue? Are you seeing any of this behaviour? Yes Has your partner ever tried to prevent your leaving the house? Do you feel supported and encouraged? Do you trust them? A little push or a shove? Do you feel this need to rescue them? Are you able to reveal the most vulnerable parts of yourself to them? Did they make lots of promises? Really trust them to be your true self with them? A sense of always being on edge 3. Yes No Does your partner control your use of alcohol or drugs for example, by forcing your intake or by withholding substances? Abuse is not always as obvious as being hit or shoved, called degrading names or cussed out. In fact, it is rare for abusive relationships to not have these often intense moments of feeling good, overly sincere apologies or attempts to make up for the bad behavior. Yes No Have you ever changed your behaviour because you are afraid of what your partner might do or say to you? Did they start to question your behaviour? If you have a healthy relationship, your partner is happy to share in your successes. Are they micromanaging you? Yes No Has your partner ever forced you to do something that you really did not want to do? Are you getting mixed signals from your partner or the narcissist in your life? Are you feeling confused?

Am i in abusive relationship

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  1. Yes Does your partner constantly belittle or humiliate you, or regularly criticise or insult you? How long did you spend with someone at work?

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