90210 guys

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In season three, Navid discovers that his father has knowingly used underage girls in his films, making him a child pornographer. Although Dixon breaks up with Silver after this, she continues to act out in an erratic fashion, and Dixon eventually realizes that she is suffering from bipolar disorder , a condition that his birth mother also suffered from. When he feels the pressure of trying to make good tracks to impress a famous record producer, Austin, offers his ADHD medication to keep him focus and energized. She spent time at a mental hospital after threatening to torch herself, along with a parade float, and writing threatening letters to West Beverly and leaving obscene phone messages on the Walshes' answering machine. In response Naomi starts to back off but Mr.

90210 guys

She went to Europe during the summer after her junior year of high school and had a short-lived romance with Rick played by Dean Cain , and eventually met and almost married Stuart, the son of one of Jim's business partners. She attempted suicide, and she later would come to David's aid when he is hospitalized. Annie also meets an Escort named Bree, who tricks her into helping her escort a few foreign men. When Silver's learns of her mother's cancer, she begins to grow close to Teddy, as he shares with her about his mother's fight with breast cancer, and death. It was later revealed that prior to coming to Beverly Hills, Valerie's father had sexually assaulted her and she was forced to kill him in self-defense, and Valerie's mother was going to turn her in to the police before finally telling Valerie she was blameless and begging her to forgive herself. A former model, married multiple times, appeared occasionally during the series entire run in every season. Liam then moves into the Wilson Household to get closer to Annie. He and Kelly then reunited, but Matt was thrown at first by Kelly's one-night stand with Dylan when they went to Mexico to illegally buy drugs that would have helped Matt's then-wife and then by not knowing at first that Kelly was raped. She spent time at a mental hospital after threatening to torch herself, along with a parade float, and writing threatening letters to West Beverly and leaving obscene phone messages on the Walshes' answering machine. In the season 2 episode "To New Beginnings", he sends a text to Silver telling her he decided to stay in Montana with his dad. After she got pregnant, Jesse proposed to her, and after receiving her grandmother's blessing they were married in a civil ceremony. Despite taking Nika to the Valentine's Day dance, he leaves her and goes to Adrianna's house where he asks her to be his Valentine, as he realizes that he doesn't care what a mess she is, he just wants her in his life. Stuart Carson[ edit ] David Gail plays Stuart Carson recurring, season 4 , Brenda's wealthy, something suitor shortly after starting college in Season 4. He failed both times, and was fired after his attempt to get Steve and Brandon thrown out of California University. The two almost moved in together, but the relationship fell apart due to Clare's anger over Steve's mother breaking up with her father. When Dixon tells Ivy about the kiss with Silver, their relationship is briefly put on hold, but they later reconcile. The matter is resolved when Dylan buys the Peach Pit, becoming Nat's business partner. When Silver tries to call him to try to get back together with him, he turns her down. She got pregnant and initially decided to get an abortion, but was forced to wait a day to have the procedure and changed her mind. Ethan assures her that they work and they make a great couple, which Silver is relieved to hear. Jen had taken Annie's wrap earlier, to which Naomi finds the wrap and a half-naked Liam in her room, automatically believing Annie had slept with Liam, as she confronts her in front of the entire class. It was later revealed that his family was very wealthy, and he used his money to buy out the PPAD Peach Pit After Dark club, around the same time that he began dating Donna. When Silver finds out that she does have the cancer gene, she goes straight to see Liam, who has gotten closer to her over the past couple of episodes, and the pair end up sleeping together. She moved to Washington, D. Brenda appeared in the first season of the spin-off series

90210 guys

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  1. Valerie subsequently joins her mother in Buffalo. When she saw him again at the Rubin's Thanksgiving dinner, they hit it off, and then started dating.

  2. She celebrates her half-birthday only because her mother always seems to mess up her real birthday.

  3. In the season finale, she tells him she is sorry and that she loves him and they reconcile.

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